Tivat Airport see record summer

Tivat Airport saw its busiest month in history. The airport handled an impressive 203.492 passengers in August, up 28.5% compared to the same month last year. A total of 1.098 flight operations were recorded in and out of the city, an increase of 19.4% on August 2012. In the first eight months of the year, Tivat Airport welcomed 657.257 passengers, up 20.2% and saw 3.921 flight operations, representing an increase of 12.2%. Early results from September indicate the airport will extend its record run with growth anticipated to reach between 10 to 15% this month.

aerodrom tivat
Aeroflot International Airlines SU2051 Moscow Tivat
Montenegro Airlines YM200 Belgrade Tivat
Jat Airways JU681 Belgrade Tivat
Montenegro Airlines YM610 Moscow Tivat
Montenegro Airlines YM812 London Tivat
Moskovia 3R354 Moscow  Tivat
Montenegro Airlines YM202 Belgrade Tivat

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Montenegro ends 2012 on a high Air Montenegro

Montenegro ends 2012 on a high

Montenegro Airlines handled 601.000 passengers this year representing an increase of 6% compared to 2011. The result is still some way off from its 2010 record when it welcomed 630.000 passengers on board its aircraft. The airline says that despite a tough financial year its results are steadily improving and the carrier has seen growth in all sectors, making it one of the most successful in Europe and the most successful in the region.

Earlier this year the Montenegrin government provided some 36 million euros to the company in order for it to pay off its debt and restructure. A plan to privatise the national carrier has been postponed indefinitely. Over 2013 the airline will continue operations with its existing fleet of eight aircraft, while a new Embraer jet will join its flock in 2014.

Montenegro Airlines ended 2011 with a loss of just over five million euros. The airline says its finances will depend on sound business decision but also global fuel prices. The carrier did not mention its losses for 2012, only noting that its revenue has increased by 7% compared to last year. Several months ago the Montenegro State Audit Institution accused the national carrier of covering up millions in debt, a claim the airline has completely denied.

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Ryanair to Montenegro – take two – Air Montenegro

The Montenegrin government has begun talks with Ryanair over potential flights from Manchester to Tivat this coming summer season. It comes a year after the no frills airline declined an offer from the Montenegrin government to launch services from London, Milan and Brussels to Podgorica. “We have begun talks with Ryanair and we are expecting a positive outcome”, the Deputy Minister for Sustainable Development and Tourism, Željka Radak Kukavčić, said in a statement. She added that the government has made it a priority to bring low cost airlines to Montenegro and improve its connectivity with the rest of the continent. Despite relying on tourism, Montenegro is currently not served by a single scheduled low cost airline.

In March 2012, the Montenegrin government said it had negotiated with Ryanair to launch flights to Podgorica from three cities in June. However, the announcement was followed by an angry reaction from the low cost airline, unhappy that details of the agreement were made public. It then decided not to sign the agreement with the Montenegrin government citing expensive fees at Podgorica Airport as its main motive for staying away. Tour operators blamed the government, claiming it purposely sabotaged the negotiating process to protect Montenegro Airlines.

Within the former Yugoslavia, Ryanair is only present in Croatia where it operates flights to several airports on a seasonal summer basis. From April, the airline will be setting up a base in Zadar. So far, Alitalia has already announced that it will be launching scheduled flights from Rome to Podgorica this summer season while Air Berlin and Condor will inaugurate flights to Tivat from Munich and Frankfurt respectively. Air Berlin has in previous years run seasonal summer flights from Nuremberg to Tivat.

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Jesenja akcija Montenegro Airlines

Jesenja akcija Montenegro Airlines


iz Podgorice za Pariz Podgorica za samo 165 Eura
iz Podgorice za Moskvu Podgorica za samo 165 Eura
iz Podgorice za Beč Podgorica za samo 165 Eura
iz Podgorice za Cirih Podgorica za samo 165 Eura
iz Podgorice za Frankfurt Podgorica za samo 165 Eura
iz Podgorice za Ljubljanu Podgorica za samo 165 Eura
iz Podgorice za Rim Podgorica za samo 165 Eura

Period prodaje: 22. oktobar – 31. oktobar
Period putovanja: 1. novembar – 20. decembar

*cijena povratne karte sa svim pripadajućim taksama, odnosi se i na putovanja započeta u inostranstvu

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Podgorica Letovi – air montenegro

Aerodrom Podgorica Letovi – air montenegro

Podgorica – Domodedovo     Kogalymavia         7K9851     Domodedovo     06:50
Podgorica – Domodedovo     Montenegro Airlines     YM601     Domodedovo     07:35
Podgorica – Domodedovo     Montenegro Airlines     YM171     Nis         07:45
Podgorica – Domodedovo     Montenegro Airlines     YM601     Domodedovo     08:05
Podgorica – Domodedovo     Montenegro Airlines     YM601     Domodedovo     08:25
Podgorica – Domodedovo     Montenegro Airlines     YM601     Domodedovo     08:30
Podgorica – Domodedovo     Nordstar Airlines     Y77101     Domodedovo     08:45
Podgorica – Nis     Montenegro Airlines     YM171     Nis         08:45
Podgorica – Beograd     Jat Airways         JU662     Beograd     09:00
Podgorica – Domodedovo     Montenegro Airlines     YM601     Domodedovo     09:10
Podgorica – Beograd     Montenegro Airlines     YM101     Beograd     09:30
Podgorica – Prague     Holidays Czech Airlines HCC8410 Prague         09:45
Podgorica – Domodedovo     Moskovia         3R9649     Domodedovo     10:10
Podgorica – Minsk     Belavia         B28451     Minsk         11:30
Podgorica – Rome     Montenegro Airlines     YM991     Rome         11:40
Podgorica – Vienna     Montenegro Airlines     YM501     Vienna         11:50
Podgorica – Vienna     Montenegro Airlines     YM501     Vienna         12:00
Podgorica – Vienna     Montenegro Airlines     YM501     Vienna         12:05
Podgorica – Zagreb     Croatia Airlines     OU330     Zagreb         12:10
Podgorica – Zagreb     Croatia Airlines     OU330     Zagreb         12:50
Podgorica – Tyumen     Yamal             YC9363     Tyumen         13:00
Podgorica – Zurich     Montenegro Airlines     YM151     Zurich         13:00
Podgorica – Istanbul     Turkish Airlines     TK1085     Istanbul     13:15
Podgorica – Istanbul     Turkish Airlines     TK1085     Istanbul     13:15
Podgorica – Rome     Montenegro Airlines     YM991     Rome         14:00
Podgorica – Vienna     Austrian         OS727     Vienna         14:25
Podgorica – Brno     Holidays Czech Airlines HCC8412 Brno         14:45
Podgorica – Paris     Montenegro Airlines     YM235     Paris         14:50
Podgorica – London     Montenegro Airlines     YM713     London         14:50
Podgorica – Zurich     Montenegro Airlines     YM151     Zurich         14:55
Podgorica – Ljubljana     Adria Airways         JP852      Ljubljana     15:05
Podgorica – Zurich     Montenegro Airlines     YM151     Zurich         15:15
Podgorica – Zurich     Montenegro Airlines     YM151     Zurich         15:20
Podgorica – Paris     Montenegro Airlines     YM235     Paris         16:25
Podgorica – Paris     Montenegro Airlines     YM235     Paris         16:30
Podgorica – Frankfurt     Montenegro Airlines     YM161     Frankfurt     16:40
Podgorica – Frankfurt     Montenegro Airlines     YM161     Frankfurt     16:40
Podgorica – Paris     Montenegro Airlines     YM235     Paris         16:45
Podgorica – Zurich     Montenegro Airlines     YM151     Zurich         16:55
Podgorica – Paris     Montenegro Airlines     YM235     Paris         17:40
Podgorica – Copenhagen     Montenegro Airlines     YM831     Copenhagen     18:20
Podgorica – Beograd     Jat Airways         JU664     Beograd     18:25
Podgorica – Ljubljana     Montenegro Airlines     YM181     Ljubljana     18:30
Podgorica – Copenhagen     Montenegro Airlines     YM831     Copenhagen     18:35
Podgorica – Domodedovo     Moskovia         3R 9647 Domodedovo     19:10
Podgorica – Ostrava     Holidays Czech Airlines HCC8414 Ostrava     19:55
Podgorica – Beograd     Montenegro Airlines     YM103     Beograd     20:00
Podgorica – Rome     Montenegro Airlines     YM991     Rome         20:10
Podgorica – Beograd     Montenegro Airlines     YM103     Beograd     21:00
Podgorica – Beograd     Jat Airways         JU668     Beograd     22:25
Podgorica – Domodedovo     Montenegro Airlines     YM603     Domodedovo     22:35

Aerodrom Podgorica Letovi – air montenegro

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Promotivne Tarife – Monenegro Airlines

Podgorica – Cirih 248 EURO
Podgorica – Frankfurt 255 EURO
Podgorica – Pariz 265 EURO
Podgorica – Rim 231 EURO
Podgorica – Kopenhagen 211 EURO
Podgorica – Beograd 100 EURO
Podgorica – Nis 99 EURO
Podgorica – Ljubljana 178 EURO
Podgorica – Bec 217 EURO
Podgorica – Moskva 292 EURO
Podgorica – London 243 EURO


Monenegro Airlines

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Ryanair Says NO DEAL to Montenegro

Ryanair’s Board of Directors has rejected an agreement to launch flights to Montenegro after months of negotiations with the Montenegrin government. Last week, the government publicized details of the agreement, a move which angered the no frills airline. It outlined that Ryanair would launch flights to Montenegro this June from London, Milan and Brussels and operate services on a seasonal basis. The number of destinations would be progressively increased over the next four years. It has since been confirmed that flights were to operate to the country’s capital, Podgorica.

Ryanair has said that it will not fly to Montenegro as taxes at Podgorica Airport are 2.5 times greater than those in other markets. “Having in mind that this is a new market, it represents a high risk and low profit business venture in the first few years”, the airline says. The airline is willing to renegotiate the terms of the agreement but is requesting significant reductions in landing and handling fees. In neighbouring Croatia, Ryanair is exempt from paying any taxes.

It now seems that another summer will pass without a single low cost airline operating scheduled flights to Montenegro. It is the only country in the former Yugoslavia that doesn’t enjoy low cost flights, despite its expanding tourism industry. As a result, other airports in the region continue to profit, especially Dubrovnik Airport which is served by over thirty airlines over the summer season.

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Ryanair angy at Montenegro

Ryanair is reconsidering plans to launch flights to Montenegro this June as was previously announced. Europe’s largest no frills airline was to decide this week wheatear to approve an agreement with the Montenegrin government for flights to be inaugurated from London, Brussels and Milan. However, Ryanair is angry at the media coverage its provisional agreement with the authorities created. Namely, it is unhappy with the way the government publicised what is still an incomplete agreement. It is now requesting additional guarantees from the government that all discussed conditions will be met.

The provisional agreement between the two sides states that Ryanair is obliged to operate flights to Montenegro eight months per year, every year, with the exception of 2012, as flights would launch in June and operate until the end of October. During this year the airline is required to launch three destinations. This would grow to four in 2013 and six by 2014. The six routes are to be maintained in 2015.

It is unclear as to the amount of subsidies the low cost airline will receive in the country and whether flights will be operated to either Tivat or Podgorica. Last year, the government insisted for Ryanair to operate flights exclusively to the country’s capital all year round, highly unattractive for an airline catering mostly for tourists wishing to spend a holiday on the coast. Furthermore, the deal is unlikely do go down well with Montenegro Airlines, which saw sliding passenger numbers and mounting debt last year. Currently, within the EX-YU region, Ryanair only operates flights to Croatia with services to Zadar, Rijeka and Pula.

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Ryanair in Montenegro starting from June

The Montenegrin government and Ryanair have reached an agreement which will see Europe’s biggest no frills airline operate flights to the country over the next four years. It comes after more than a year of negotiations. Flights are expected to begin in June and will operate on a seasonal basis. From next year flights will launch at the start of the summer season, in late March. The government estimates that by 2015, Ryanair will bring some 50.000 tourists to the country. It has backed down from insisting for the airline to fly all year round, a move which is set to ignite problems with its national carrier.

An official announcement from the airline will be made once Ryanair’s Board of Directors approves the deal with the government, expected during the week. According to the Montenegrin Tourism Ministry, the airline should launch flights from London, Brussels and Milan and will increase its offering to six destinations in three years. Notably, both Brussels and Milan were suspended from Montenegro Airlines’ destination network last year due to poor ticket sales.

While Ryanair’s arrival will be warmly welcomed by both locals and foreign tourists it could prove a headache to the already struggling national carrier. Montenegro Airlines will have to compete against Ryanair to London, which it turned into a seasonal service due to low interest throughout the winter. Furthermore, the airline has said that it is not against low cost airlines but argues that that they should operate year round services rather than taking all the tourists and then disappearing over the winter season. Details of the agreement with Ryanair, including how much the airline will receive in subsidies, hasn’t been revealed.

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New control tower at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

The Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency has announced that it will finance the construction of a new control tower at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Construction will begin next year and is set to be completed by 2014. According to the agency, the land on which the tower will be built has been selected and work on the project design is now in progress. The new tower will stand at 52 metres tall. The current air control tower, being used at Serbia’s busiest airport, was built back in 1962. In 2010 the multi million euro Air Control Centre was opened within the airport complex.

Meanwhile, Belgrade Airport continued to report growth in 2012. In February the airport welcomed 173.606 passengers, an increase of 6.6% compared to the same month last year when it handled 162.813 passengers. The airport was served almost by the same amount of flights – 2.988 compared to last year’s 3.010. In the first two months of the year, Nikola Tesla Airport welcomed 388.185 passengers through its doors, an increase of 13.7% compared to the same period last year.

This summer, Belgrade will see new Croatia Airlines flights to Split which replace Dubrovnik from last year, new flights from Copenhagen by Norwegian Air Shuttle, a 23% increase in flights from Jat Airways while Air One and Qatar Airways will also launch flights to the Serbian capital this summer season.

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